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Can you drive well on German roads but fail to pass the theory or practical tests? Taking a test in the presence of an invigilator may prevent you from passing the driver’s skill test. But there’s hope.. We produce Real Registered Driver’s License for Germans, who need a driver’s license without taking the tests.

Is This License Legal? Is It Registered?

The License will be processed the same way a normal candidate’s license is processed. so it will be legitimate. If you are stopped by the police, you will have no problems because if the license is checked, it will be displayed in the database. You can use the license anywhere you want, and you will face no problems with it

In-case you loose this Driver’s license or it gets expired. you can follow the normal procedures to retrieve the License or Get a new one and it will be given to you, because your information is in the system.

Why Choose Us?

Due to a high number of failure of practical and theory tests, we decided to help people acquire their driving licenses through an easier method, while maintaining the same standards. Which means we process your License the same way a normal driving school candidate gets their license. everything is registered in the database so you don’t have to worry about being caught because your document will be legal.

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